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Full STEAM Ahead! - the future of education
it's already here!

STEAM is not merely a contemporary educational model; it is, more fundamentally, a transformative philosophy that revolutionizes the approach to learning. By seamlessly integrating the five core disciplines of science, technology (both digital and analog), engineering, arts & humanities, and mathematics, STEAM fosters a holistic educational experience that equips young learners to navigate the complexities of the present and prepare for the challenges of an ever-evolving future.


natural sciences - a synthesis of biology, ecology, geography, chemistry, physics and astronomy. Explaining the functioning of the world around us. Thanks to an integrated approach to teaching, children learn about reality in a comprehensive and natural way for the functioning of their minds - after all, the world around us is an integrated, living organism of which we are a part. Natural sciences allow us to discover secrets and show the ubiquitous magic.


all types of technology invented by man throughout history. From a hammer to 3D printing, from a book to a tablet, from a pencil to advanced graphics programs, from an abacus to quantum computers... It is crucial to understand that there are no bad or good technologies, outdated or too advanced - it all depends on who and how with uses them. The most important thing here is intentions, and STEAM teaches us how to take care of our common home - the Earth - using appropriately selected tools.


engineering, which allows us to become creators of inventions and new technologies, is the driving force behind all that the human mind and hands can envision and bring to life. In this field, children become designers and builders, learning the process of bringing a new invention to fruition from concept to realization. Only those who understand the intricacies of a creation can effectively repair, refine, and manage it. These skills are indispensable in the age of automation and robotics.

Arts & Humanities

just one letter A encompasses everything that makes us human. Our entire culture, artistic expression and humanities and social sciences such as philosophy, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, history, ethnology and many others. All children have infinite creativity and curiosity about themselves, others and the world. STEAM allows them to keep that fresh and nurture a full spectrum of diverse talents. Art connects - it develops communication, cooperation and builds trust.


mathematics, the queen of all sciences, the universal language describing the entire universe. It is excellent exercise for the mind, it develops critical thinking, and its understanding provides the basis for development in all other areas. Mathematical thinking is logic, analytics, programming and construction. It is also about finding beauty in the symmetry of paintings and sculptures and the right sounds in composed songs. Math is everywhere, that's why it permeates all other STEAM areas.

Steam is also water in the gas phase which allowed the industrial revolution 250 years ago, powering engines and taking the hardest work off human shoulders. Today, the development of civilization and hope for a better tomorrow is provided by the accumulated potential of human minds, and STEAM is an excellent method for their development.
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