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certification in STEAM

STEAM Polska Foundation is the only institution in Poland authorized to award STEAM TEACHER certificates as part of the Open Badges Odznaka+ certification program. These certificates are digitally secured in the Open Badges standard
and awarded under the European Union Integrated Qualifications System.

In Poland, the Odznaka+ certification program is implemented by the Educational Research Institute IBE. We certify both Teachers and educational institutions.

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Earn STEAM+ Badges with us and develop your professional portfolio!


  • Acquired expertise in the field of education using the STEAM model in project-based learning in school, preschool or other educational institution

  • Understands the transdisciplinary approach and the implementation of educational projects based on five key STEAM disciplines: natural sciences, technologies, engineering, arts and humanities, and mathematics

  • Has a set of basic competencies for conducting STEAM classes and projects based on ready-made scenarios

  • Understands the differences between subject teaching and the execution of educational projects

  • Is aware of economic and social trends and their impact on the field of education

  • Takes a holistic approach to the educational and developmental process in the STEAM model and understands the neuroscientific basis of its use


  • Is proficient in a diverse array of STEAM tools and technological instruments

  • Understands the role of analog and digital technologies in the education process

  • Developed practical skills in using STEAM technological solutions in subject-based classes and projects

  • Knows STEAM tools and technological solutions recommended in curriculum

  • Has the ability to use them safely and effectively and adapt them to achieve the intended purpose of the classes

  • Acquired knowledge about diverse fields of art and craft that can serve as the foundation for STEAM classes


  • Possesses a thorough understanding of the STEAM scenario construction framework, encompassing the five foundational disciplines: natural sciences, technologies, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

  • Has the ability to use educational resources, multimedia, applications and platforms supporting the creation of STEAM scenarios

  • Is able to design scenarios of STEAM subject classes and scenarios of transdisciplinary STEAM projects

  • Knows how to select various technologies and forms of artistic expression to achieve the intended goals of STEAM classes and projects

  • Understands how to create STEAM scenarios implementing the scope of the core curriculum and the ability to optimize its implementation

  • Aspires to accomplish significant and ambitious educational objectives in the realm of addressing civilizational challenges


  • Demonstrates proficiency in crafting, structuring, and executing STEAM-oriented lessons and initiatives

  • Gained expertise in STEAM scenario development, technological solution selection, and educational goal evaluation

  • Seamlessly integrates STEAM education into everyday professional practice as the primary teaching approach.

  • Is open to cooperation in transdisciplinary teaching teams and is proficient in implementing joint projects

  • Has an awareness of the role of educational space and knowledge of the concept of a laboratory for project-based classes "STEAMLab"

  • Developed competences to promote education in the STEAM model and actively shares his professional achievements


STEAM Certyfikat Master
  • Achieved the highest level of qualifications in STEAM education

  • Has in-depth knowledge of a broad spectrum of STEAM technology solutions and available STEAM educational content

  • Has competences in team and group process management and knowledge of numerous project methods (design sprint, design thinking, scrum, agile, etc.)

  • He has advanced training and facilitation skills and the ability to transfer knowledge

  • Joins the STEAM MASTER community of the STEAM Polska Foundation and obtains qualifications to train as "train the trainers" under the Foundation's umbrella

  • Achieves full immersion in the STEAMverse!


STEAM Certyfikat Szkoła
  • Educational institutions have comprehensive strategy for implementing STEAM, which they actively employ and regularly evaluate.

  • They are equipped with a robust collection of STEAM educational aids, both digital and analog,

  • They foster an environment that empowers teachers to continuously enhance their STEAM skills.

  • At least two teachers from the Establishment have the title of STEAM MASTER.

  • The teaching staff implements STEAM classes on a daily basis. Preschools and schools certified in this way join the network of the STEAM Poland Foundation and become reference STEAM centers.

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