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for Teachers, Educators and Institutions

Certified Multilevel Online Course


Get qualified for teaching using STEAM educational approach


Be proficient in the use of digital and analog tools and technologies


Create your own scenarios of STEAM classes and transdisciplinary STEAM projects


Become a trailblazer in STEAM education


Achieve full immersion in the STEAMverse!

What is STEAM GLOBAL Academy?

Certification Levels


STEAM Certyfikat Adept
  • Acquired expertise in the field of education using the STEAM model in project-based learning in school, preschool or other educational institution

  • Understands the transdisciplinary approach and the implementation of educational projects based on five key STEAM disciplines: natural sciences, technologies, engineering, arts and humanities, and mathematics

  • Has a set of basic competencies for conducting STEAM classes and projects based on ready-made scenarios

  • Understands the differences between subject teaching and the execution of educational projects

  • Is aware of economic and social trends and their impact on the field of education

  • Takes a holistic approach to the educational and developmental process in the STEAM model and understands the neuroscientific basis of its use


  • Is proficient in a diverse array of STEAM tools and technological instruments

  • Understands the role of analog and digital technologies in the education process

  • Developed practical skills in using STEAM technological solutions in subject-based classes and projects

  • Knows STEAM tools and technological solutions recommended in curriculum

  • Has the ability to use them safely and effectively and adapt them to achieve the intended purpose of the classes

  • Acquired knowledge about diverse fields of art and craft that can serve as the foundation for STEAM classes


  • ​Possesses a thorough understanding of the STEAM scenario construction framework, encompassing the five foundational disciplines: natural sciences, technologies, engineering, arts, and mathematics.

  • Has the ability to use educational resources, multimedia, applications and platforms supporting the creation of STEAM scenarios

  • Is able to design scenarios of STEAM subject classes and scenarios of transdisciplinary STEAM projects

  • Knows how to select various technologies and forms of artistic expression to achieve the intended goals of STEAM classes and projects

  • Understands how to create STEAM scenarios implementing the scope of the core curriculum and the ability to optimize its implementation

  • Aspires to accomplish significant and ambitious educational objectives in the realm of addressing civilizational challenges


  • Demonstrates proficiency in crafting, structuring, and executing STEAM-oriented lessons and initiatives

  • Gained expertise in STEAM scenario development, technological solution selection, and educational goal evaluation

  • Seamlessly integrates STEAM education into everyday professional practice as the primary teaching approach.

  • Is open to cooperation in transdisciplinary teaching teams and is proficient in implementing joint projects

  • Has an awareness of the role of educational space and knowledge of the concept of a laboratory for project-based classes "STEAMLab"

  • Developed competences to promote education in the STEAM model and actively shares his professional achievements


  • Achieved the highest level of qualifications in STEAM education

  • Has in-depth knowledge of a broad spectrum of STEAM technology solutions and available STEAM educational content

  • Has competences in team and group process management and knowledge of numerous project methods (design sprint, design thinking, scrum, agile, etc.)

  • He has advanced training and facilitation skills and the ability to transfer knowledge

  • Joins the STEAM MASTER community of the STEAM Polska Foundation and obtains qualifications to train as "train the trainers" under the Foundation's umbrella

  • Achieves full immersion in the STEAMverse!

Why Us?

The world's first comprehensive, holistic and multi-stage

teaching course in the STEAM education approach

Globally recognised certification of qualification

Exceptional trainers with a wealth of qualifications, unwavering
dedication, and a proven track record of success

Leading-edge technological and meritorious partners

Opportunity to become an active member of the STEAM community and earn the privilege to train as a "train the trainer" under the Academy's umbrella

What are the benefits of achieving certification?

Unique qualifications in the STEAM teaching approach

Globally recognised and certified STEAM EDUCATOR qualification

An opportunity to empower students with the skills and knowledge they need to navigate an ever-evolving and interconnected world

Proficiency in using a diverse array of STEAM tools and technological devices

How does STEAM impact student's development and strengthen their competencies

STEAM is a cutting-edge approach to education that uses sciences, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics as means to guide student inquiry and development. It is a learning strategy that recognises the interdependence of these five disciplines in order to provide total immersion in educational experience.

STEAM is built on project-based learning, in which students work in groups, each with their own set of skills, to solve real-world and important problems.

STEAM teaches how to learn, how to ask questions, experiment, learn from mistakes - it is therefore an excellent educational model that equips students with a package of competences of the future, in which social, digital and cognitive skills are the most important.

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